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Our Assessment solutions are grounded in evidence based psychological principles around potential, behavioural assessment and development.

Our unique assessment product, 'Prism' is a modern, leading edge assessment tool which sets us apart from other generic, superficial products on the market. It delivers very clear conclusions on how an individual will “fit” with your culture and the specific requirements of each role

Prism goes beyond competence (direct observation or evidence of past behaviour) to do a deep dive with the individual that also considers underlying behavioural evidence, motivation and psychometric analysis.  

Predicting success... 
Based on performance + potential

Potential = The ability to adapt to ever-changing business environments and grow successfully in  bigger roles in the future.

Our Prism methodology predicts how leaders will perform in different roles, teams, organisations and cultures. While our approach is practical, responsive and client-centred, it is also built on a firm foundation around the leadership capabilites that allow leaders to adapt and thrive in environments that are evolving and complex rather than static. Our team of Business psychologists are skilled in the interpretation of psychometrics and are experienced in working with leaders at an appropriate level.

Prism at a glance:

•Aimed at Execs and Senior Managers

•Utilises up to 5 different psychometrics as inputs

•In-depth qualitative psychological assessment of motivations, capabilities and abilities

•Mapping to client competencies if required

•Overall fit for role determined with themed strengths and risks

•Delivered and written up by trained psychologists

Assessment Testimonial

"We have used the services of OPES for the past 5 years to provide senior executive assessments at final stage interview for senior level appointments in the civil and public sector.  We have worked with a number of the OPES team and their approach, competence and expertise add value to the recruitment process for the client and provide valuable feedback for the candidate.  Their expertise is directly aligned to the strategic objectives of each client organisation and both the tools and in-depth analysis draw out the leadership and capability indicators pertinent to each role.  This analysis provides our Selection Boards with valuable insights into the motivation and risk profile of candidates as well as a useful feedback tool for talent development and succession planning.

Michelle Noone, 

Head of Senior & Executive Recruitment Executive Search, State Boards & Senior Executive Recruitment

Public Appointments Service, Ireland

An tSeirbhís um Cheapacháin Phoiblí


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