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Traditionally, coaching focuses on individual people or parts of an organisation. We believe that this approach misses the wider and often more influential challenges that exist in the connections between people.

Our Systemic approach to team coaching is a process by which a team coach:

  • Works in partnership with team, both when they are together and when are apart.

  • Helps them improve collective performance and how they work together.

  • Develops collective leadership to more effectively engage with key stakeholder groups and jointly transform the wider business in order to co-create value for all their stakeholders.

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The Opes approach to coaching

1. Team Coaching Workshops: the team works strategically and deeply on how it functions - both task / relationship and internal / external focus. 

2. One to one coaching: How can individuals enhance their contribution to the team’s shared leadership?


3. Working with Stakeholders: Team deepens its understanding of needs and relationships.


4. Business As Usual: Coach also works alongside team in normal business activities,holding mirror up & providing feedback

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