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Talent Management

Opes works with organisations to help your talent flourish, grow and make a difference to organisational performance.

Many factors can differentiate you in the market place, leadership, employee proposition, talent retention, service excellence, innovation. . We can help you  address these questions to  prioritise areas for talent development budgets and plans.

Our unique Talent Management tool 'Futurescope' helps you to aanlyse your  talent pipelines and identifies potential for future roles. It is also a powerful tool for building self awareness, plans for personal growth,  but most importantly retaining and developing leaders, to  bring about meaningful positive organisational impact.

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Talent Profiling Future Performance

Our unique Talent Management tool, Futurescope at a glance: 

•Aimed at Execs and Senior Managers.

•Utilises up to 6 different psychometrics as inputs.

•In-depth qualitative psychological assessment of motivations, capabilities and abilities.

•Mapping to client competencies if required with Strengths and Risks.

•Detailed Opes mapping of individual's potential.

•Detailed collaboration with employee/ client  on Talent Strategy, current funnel, development goals, development solutions. provided by Opes including modules, coaching and business improvement projects.

•Delivered and written up by trained psychologists.

Talent Management Testimonial

“When it comes to leading edge, objective and insightful profiling of our talent pipeline at an executive level, Opes are first class.”

Michelle Hanley, HR Director, Energia Group

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